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First Visit services offered in Phoenix, AZ

The first year of your baby’s life is filled with milestones, including their first visit to the dentist. Steven Petruzzi, DDS, and the team at Desert Kids Dentistry in Phoenix, Arizona, love working with kids of all ages. When the time comes for your little one to have that first special visit, call the office to set up an appointment or use the easy online booking tool.

First Visit Q & A

Why is it so important for babies to see a dentist?

Baby teeth may not be permanent, but they still play an essential role in your little one’s long-term dental health. Bringing your baby in for early dental care allows your pediatric dentist the opportunity to detect areas of concern as early as possible. 

These visits are also a great opportunity for parents to learn how to best support their child’s dental health from an early age. You’ll learn how to care for those first tiny teeth and gums and how to make dental hygiene just another part of your child’s daily care routines. 

Beginning dental visits during the first year of life also allow your baby to get used to dental exams and cleanings long before there’s time for dental anxieties or phobias to develop. They’ll grow up understanding that seeing the dentist is something to which they can look forward. 

When’s the right time for the first visit with a dentist?

The American Dental Association recommends bringing your little one in to see the dentist within one to six months after that first tooth emerges, but no later than their first birthday. When booking your visit, try to avoid scheduling that overlaps with your baby’s normal nap time. 

Be prepared to share the details of your baby’s health history. If your child has been treated for any medical condition or is taking any medications, be sure to let your dental team know. 

What happens during the first visit with the dentist?

Your baby’s first dental visit is a simple and straightforward process. You’ll usually hold your little one during the visit while Dr. Petruzzi performs a quick exam. 

He’ll feel your baby’s gums and count the teeth that are already in or in the process of erupting. A gentle cleaning may be performed. X-rays are not usually needed at this stage of dental development. 

Many parents have questions for the Desert Kids Dentistry team, and interacting with Dr. Petruzzi gives you all the information needed to ensure optimal dental health as your baby grows. 

Some of the topics that might be covered include:

  • How to prevent baby bottle tooth decay
  • Pacifier habits
  • Finger-sucking habits
  • Infant feeding practices
  • Teething advice

You can also discuss your at-home dental care routines and receive guidance on how to help your little one transition to helping brush their teeth when the time comes. 

If you’re ready to bring your baby in to meet the Desert Kids Dentistry team, call the office to find a time that fits your schedule. Online booking is also an option, and it’s fast and easy.